Simon Payne leads the 2010 Puma Moth Worlds

Photo © TH Martinez / Sea&Co /

After 3 days of racing, Brit Master Simon Payne is leading the Worlds by just 2 points, with a very impressive scoreline, discarding the DNF he hasn’t finished outside the top 5 – not bad for a guy with a gammy knee – and proof to all there can be no excuses. Full results here, and below is a brief summary

  1. Simon Payne (GB)
  2. Brad Funk (USA)
  3. Arnaud Psarofaghis (SUI)

Rest of the Brits: 9th – Mike Lennon, 10th – Adam May, 14th – Ricky Tagg, 21st Alex Adams, 24th – James Phare, 25th – Paul Hayden, 27th – Tim Penfold, 31st – Dougie Imrie, 37th – Richard Davies, 41st Jonathan Peats.


  1. Simon Payne
  2. Andrew McDougall
  3. J-P Ziegert


  1. Emma Aspington
  2. Kerstin Sommer


  1. Marcel Herrera
  2. Alex Buerger
  3. Dougie Imrie

Those watching the live feed were treated to a spectacular finish by Scott Babbage – he explains all here, and if you want to see it its at Minute 32 on this video.

Just in case that wasn’t enough, a conspiracy on the live chat resulted in a very special moment  – video. I won’t spoil the fun and tell you what happened… it made our day.

And if you haven’t seen the whole sequence of our very own Ricky Tagg having a slightly silly moment.. here it is. Thank you to Thierry Martinez for capturing it! More of his excellent photos can be found here.


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