So you’ve just got a boat: What do you need to do?

1) Join the UK Class – click on the “New Member” link below

New Member

How it works:

Clicking on the link above allows you secure access to the On-Line Membership System. The first screen will allow you to add your name, address and contact details. The second screen allows you to enter info about your current boat. The final screen allows you to pick your membership category. A PayPal icon will then appear which you can use to pay with either with a PayPal account or a credit/debit card. If you do not wish to pay using PayPal, press the ‘Other Payment methods’ button and this will display other options for payment.

NB: Please ensure that you click ‘Return to IMCA_UK’ once you have completed payment in PayPal. This confirms your renewal on your membership account.

Edit Existing Member Details/Renew Membership

If you wish to change your personal or boat details on the membership database, please click on the link. The screen that appears will allow you to type in your email address. Clicking “Sending Request” will send an email to your email inbox that contains a link to give you access. Edit the details as necessary

2) Register your boat

If it’s a new boat – Register your boat (If you boat has an ISAF plaque it’s free just email Adam May). If your boat does not have a plaque, you need to purchase one from the class, email Martin Gravare: to do this.

3) Contact a measurer

If you have a new boat you will need everything measured, if you have an old boat contact a measurer to organise re-certification – they will explain the process.
To organise measurement contact one of the following:
e-mail Location
Adam May Weymouth
Alex Adams Weymouth
Sam Pascoe Weymouth
Mike Lennon Hayling Island
Mike Cooke Bristol

3 thoughts on “Join

  1. Hi I am planning to attend the frist moth sailing race in Queen Mary SC
    Open GP on 5 and 6 March.

    Can you please provide me with the race schedule?

    waiting for your reply.

    thanks and regards,

  2. Hi Mohammed, I’m sorry to reply so late, but I only check the comments on this site when I update it.
    Your best bet for checking race schedules in future is to look for NoR and SIs for the event on the UK Events page: or the club web-site, or join the IMCA UK Facebook group.
    I’ve just published the NoR and SIs for the Parkstone Open of 23 and 24 April, I hope you can make it.
    Ken Barker

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