Puma Moth Worlds Day 1

The Worlds started today with a pretty light wind race, tricky conditions for all. Great news is the Brits did us proud with 4 in the top 10 – not a bad start!

Photo © TH Martinez / Sea&Co / www.thmartinez.com

Amac had a blistering race leading from the start, and a big gap by the finish. Mike Lennon came from behind to take 2nd – Nice work Mike! Si was 5th, Adam 6th and Ricky 9th (All results below). Tim’s boat broke – but we haven’t heard how! Thankfully Amac was on hand to carry out some major surgery: http://yfrog.com/caquonj

If you can get away with it at work, you can follow all the racing on the live feed: http://www.sailinganarchy.com/otwa/2010/2010_mothworlds.php

And the lovely Thierry Martinez is out there taking some great shots, a few are below, or take a look in his gallery: http://www.thmartinez.com/en/thumbs.php?FolioID=197&stat=1

What not to do with your teeth! (Sorry Ricky – it’s just a great shot!) – Photo © TH Martinez / Sea&Co / www.thmartinez.com
Si Payne in front of Bora during the Slalom Dash for Cash – Photo © TH Martinez / Sea&Co / www.thmartinez.com
Start of Race 1 – Photo © TH Martinez / Sea&Co / www.thmartinez.com

Results here:

1 Andrew McDougall
2 Michael Lennon
3 Brad Funk
4 Chris Graham
5 Simon Payne
6 Adam May
7 Tomaz Copi
8 Scott Babbage
9 Ricky Tagg
10 Dalton Bergen
11 Rob Gough
12 Bora Gulari
13 Martin Gravare
14 Zack Maxam
15 Mikis Psarofaghis
16 Mark Robinson
17 Arnaud Psarofaghis
18 Alex Adams
19 Jean-Pierre Ziegert
20 Paul Hayden
21James Cole
22 Alex Buerger
23 George Peet
24 Marcel Herrerra
25 Lindsey Bergen
26 James Phare
27 Dougie Imrie
28 Kerstin Sommer
29 Emma Aspington
30 Rob Fordyce
31 Marc Bruegger
32 Ben Crocker
33 Simon Savage
34 Dion Houghton
35 Glenn Raphael
36 Magnus Gravare
37 Philip Kasermann
38 Tim Penfold
39 Richard Davies
40 Per Eskilson
41 Jonathan Peats
42 Dirk Weiblen
43 Mauro Bettazza
43 Jeroen Leenen

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