Magic Marine Moth Sailor Sponsorship

Magic Marine Happy Hour at the 2014 Worlds
Magic Marine Happy Hour at the 2014 Worlds

What is so great about the Moth?

According to Magic Marine: “The Class embodies change, innovation, multiple builders and true racing while remaining “lighthearted”. Or so it seems from the general public’s perspective as artistic photos and competitions with the Worlds best are spread daily around the World. These attributes can be difficult to manage but this class has overcome the odds and both the class and the sailors should be the ones rewarded for their time and dedication.”

Magic Marine would like to support these sailors by offering both the top 3 in the Silver and Gold fleet a 2015 full gear sponsorship package. These sailors are helping to grow the sport just as the blazers and ties say they are; but just in a different, inspiring way. In addition a sponsorship is offered to all country Class Presidents to reward their continued devotion to managing the growth.

“These people deserve the sponsoring. They are the heroes; encouraging innovation with hours and hours of boatwork and research,” said Marketing and Sales Manager Carrie Howe from Magic Marine. “The rest of the World will be watching in awe and cheering from afar or from the future grandstand sailing if that can ever become a reality.”

So why do the World-class sailors flock to the Moth and often spend their free time and money for another sailing event? The simple answer is that it is an incredibly fun boat to sail. Period. All of the sailors at the Worlds look at the trickiness and fine line as a challenge. At the end of the day you can easily evaluate yourself. Plus, when will you ever be able to sail against your hero. That is why the Moth class is so great.

Most sailors just think of the Moth Class and dream. People think to themselves, “It is expensive, I would need to keep up with innovation and I would spend most of my first events in the bottom half. But it is a really cool boat!”

For the Moth Worlds 2014, Magic Marine has taken a vested interest into this class and would like to continue. Sponsors often overlook classes such as the Moth but in reality these are the people who inspire dreaming. These sailors are truly the ones that take chances, give up everything to be humbled by swimming the first weeks in the boat and the hours of boat work that follows.

A standing ovation is due and we hope to see more Moth sailors in years to come.


And for all you wannabe Moth sailors out there here’s some advice from one of the stalwarts of the class who didn’t quite make the top three: How NOT to Prepare for a World Championship