Letter from the President – 2011

Dear GBR Moth  sailors,

First of all a belated Happy New Year.

We are about to Kick off the 2011 season in the UK with the Dinghy show at Alexandra Palace, details are currently being finalised regarding the boats on display. We are linking our stand into Alan Hillman’s talks on foiling fundamentals on the RYA main stage, so we expect to be busy. Please come and visit your stand and talk all the latest gossip and techniques.

On the subject of Alan (ProVela), it’s worth noting the dates of Foilfest, this is a fantastic event; a week of fully chilled out racing,  cruising and training set in arguably the best place to sail moths on the planet. Good weather, good wind, cheap beer, and cheap accommodation. Thats what we got last year anyways!

If you’re thinking about Mothing but can’t quite decide if it is for you, try ProVela any time, its a great place to catch the bug. We now have a link from the UK site to ProVela. We are not on commission, we are just keen to let others in on our passion for Moth sailing.

2011 subs are now due I’m afraid – for this modest amount we get a website where we can get all the latest info on all things Moth, a great open circuit and National championship, and the stand at the Dinghy show. As those attending the AGM last year are aware we have increased the subs by a modest amount. The subs had not increased for nearly 10 years and this has left the class with no reserves and barely enough to attend the dinghy show, or meet any shortfalls in organising the nationals. We are still looking for a class sponsor to take a little pressure off.

The program for 2011 is ninety percent done but we are still looking at one or two extra venues which will be announced as soon as we have them confirmed. We have the UK Nationals at Stokes Bay and will be confirming details soon regarding the entry fee and program. In the mean time you can find accommodation details on the Stokes Bay SC website. Whilst the experienced Moth sailor will be pushing hard to win the event there will be a strong emphasis on the newcomer/ less experienced Moth sailor. We are having post race seminars with our well earned beers. We will be encouraging everyone to ask questions and give up secrets! Also during the Nationals we will be holding the AGM, whilst this is not the most exciting thing you will do in 2011 it will give you a chance to discuss how we run the class and help the committee map out plans for 2012. I have recently found out the Swiss team will be attending the Nationals again so we have warned the night clubs of Gosport ahead of their arrival!

On the subject of 2012, we have the worlds back in Europe in the second best place to sail on the planet – Lake Garda, but don’t be afraid we are south of the extremely windy bit, down at Campione.  We are currently in talks to hold the 2012 UK Nationals in Falmouth which should be in June leaving a good gap to get sorted for the August Worlds. At the IMCA AGM in Belmont it was decided to have the 2013 Worlds in the USA at either LA or Hawaii? But the class also agreed Hayling Island for the 2014 Worlds. For those who like to plan ahead, and are not yet Moth sailing, get you order in now and get practicing for the Worlds on your doorstep. Lets have a GBR winner at HISC. We still have a much to do to make this happen but will confirm ASAP.

For those who think they are too big for Mothing it’s worth noting the crew weights are creeping up year on year. I haven’t seen the average for the top 10 at Belmont but I know the range was 75 to 90 kg.

I overheard someone say that since the foils first appeared the top speed has gone up by 2 knots every year…..I wonder how long that can go on for ?  But because of this the 20 knot club is dead, its now being replaced by the 30 knot club. We will be announcing shortly a new top speed prize for GBR based sailors.

On that note I will sign off and wish you all good sailing for 2011.

See you at the Inland Nationals at Queen Mary in March.

Mike Lennon.

President UK IMCA

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