2009 Reflections

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2009 was a phenomenal year for the moth class culminating in the World Championships at Cascade Locks, Oregon.

Our current world champion Bora Gulari has set a new standard in boat handling and preparation. He’s shown us an unparalleled level of commitment which paid off with a world title. Amazing enough in it’s own right but simply unbelievable in light of the fact that he came in to the class only two years ago.

The UK found a new hero and National Champion in the guise of Mike Cook (Aardvark) who took his Kevin Ellway designed Ninja to a well deserved overall win.

In the UK Hyde sails broke the KA stronghold with many of the top uk riders using them to great effect.

More and more world champions/ olympic sailors are finding the lure of moth sailing too much to resist. Nathan Outteridge, 49er World Champion, add the US National title to his long list of wins and was runner up during the worlds.

The boats entered a new era in terms of construction, design and reliability. Highlights –

  • Velociraptor make a brief appearance with a handful having gone in to production.
  • Andrew McDougall’s Mach 2 entered the scene and took the world by storm, establishing itself as the number 1 moth with pricetag to match.
  • New Zealand Assassin have developed an innovative boat with a mid market price tag and are looking to establish themselves as a high performance contender at the top.
  • UK’s Aardvark entered a new era in their 5 year moth development with the release of the Ninja which is also the 2009 national championship winning design.
  • Bladerider dominated the world market with a strong product and then very suddenly disappeared without a word. Rumour is they have started up again but only selling the RX model (glassfibre).
  • The second hand market now has a healthy number of good quality boats that make an excellent platform for beginners.

    Homebuilds went in to hiding during 09 but are set to make a comeback with more and more individuals developing foils to production standards. There are also lots of innovative ideas coming through involving control systems and construction techniques.

    Adam May and Katherine Knight set the standard for recycling by converting Katherine’s low rider to “carbon footprint” a state of the art size zero foiler.

    Relative newcomer Phil Oligario transformed his mistress MK 1 into the “Supermistress” with a complete overhaul and upgrade of pretty much everything on the boat and has progressed to his first full build courtesy of Aardvark. We look forward to seeing the finished Ninja soon.

    2010 promises to be another exciting year as the class gains yet more popularity and media coverage. The Dubai worlds in May promises to be a great event with boats and competitors flying in from all corners of the globe.

    It will be interesting to see where the class is next year this time!


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    1. dinger February 7, 2010


      great new looks to the new website. just to let you know off 2 new home build in development (2 years) rod harris has known about, we have recently asked adam for build plaques and i know 1 has a number and the other is en route. basics are a similar design cross breed between rod’s old full force and current prowler zero (by chance the simliarities are so close) at present we are running 1 set of mike cookes old foils and 1 new set, but both with burvill 2 piece masts and new north v8 sails, watch the poole blog spots and we will try and get rod to update this.
      cheer dinger

    2. Simon Owen-Smith February 9, 2010

      Dear Editor

      Great summary, one point …..The Bladerider RX which they intend to continue with when the bugs are sorted as far as I know, is a full carbon hull and always has been.
      It’s the FX model that’s glass.
      Ex BR Production MGR.

    3. Glenn February 10, 2010

      Just to clarify Dubai Moth Worlds are March, would hate you guys to be late and sailing around in 40degree temperatures.

    4. Gerold February 14, 2010

      Great new design although white on black is a bit hard to read
      but the old one was too.
      One question about the manufacturers:
      Why don’t you list John Ilett (FastaCraft)?
      As far as I know he has not stopped production.
      Actually I just ordered some spare parts for my Zero.
      Cheers Gerold

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