Zhik Moth Nationals Day 2 – And the day was spent….

…boat faffing, drinking coffee, having the AGM. Yes broken boats have been re-stuck, ripped sails have been sewn, bent bits have been straightened, yesterday’s heros have been celebrated and bruised egos have been massaged but no Moths have been afloat today. With a steady 25-35 knots hammering straight on shore, PRO Mike Rayden expertly called it a day early allowing all good Mothies to do whatever all good Mothies do on a day off. Let them rest well for tomorrow and Sunday they will do 4 races instead of 3. But then according to Mike that’s letting them off lightly – our keen race team thought 5 races on Saturday would be fun. The fleet didn’t – nuf said?

Results here:  http://www.stokesbay-sc.co.uk/result/open/moth_results.htm

Thanks to Stokes Bay Sailing Club for the report.

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