Winter championships 2011/12 Overall

Ricky Tagg
Congratulations to Ricky Tagg who became the winner of the second Moth winter series.  The Moth winter series final event finished last week with the Tiger Trophy held at Rutland Sailing Club. Saturday, saw Ricky Tagg win two of the three races with a very credible 11th in the other. Unfortunately over night the snow arrived with very little wind and the temperature on the water dropped to -5c.  This ended the Moths bid to be the overall winners of the Tiger Trophy.

Once again, the winter series attracted 30 different Moth helms from many parts of the country who all braved the winter weather at some stage to take part. Last years winner Mike Cooke, featured again this year and ended up 5th overall in his new Ninja after only competing in two of the five events. It was also great to see that there were three different overall winners of the five events with Jason Belben and Ricky Tagg winning two events each.  In the top ten there were four different makes of Moths with Ninja’s, Mach 2 , Bladerider and Simon Hiscocks new moth in the top ten.

Moth Winter Series Top Ten Results

  • 1. Ricky Tagg
  • 2. Mike Lennon
  • 3. Jason Belben
  • 4. Peter Barton
  • 5. Mike Cooke
  • 6. Neil Baker
  • 7. Simon Hiscocks
  • 8. Tom Offer
  • 9. Richard Westbury
  • 10. Doug Pybus

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