Steve Nicholson Race

6 Moths and one RS600FF made up the fleet at the Steve Nicholson Race at Pitsford Water this weekend.

Race one saw a tight first lap with Geoff Carveth, Alex Adams, Garyman

Ireson and Mike Cooke all trading gibes down the run and trying to

avoid the holes. After that the fleet spread out a bit as one by one

people parked up making some big losses in the flukey breeze. Cooke

thought he had it sewn up but Adams made a fast comeback and nearly

got him back before the finish. Many a large roostertail were

exhibited by the Bladeriders trying to make their way downwind in the

very cold water

Race two had a little bit more breeze, but much colder feet as the

fleet had been sitting around enjoying some tea and letting the

english winter creep up on them. A much reduced fleet of 4 boats made

the line – most were put off by the prospect of putting the boat back

into the freezing water! Cookie took no prisoners, pulling out a 15

minute lead by the finish and lapping all except Adams with Gary

taking third place and Martin Fear in 4th.

Overall results:

1st Mike Cooke, GBR3618, Ninja

2nd Alex Adams, GBR3366, Mistress

3rd Gary Ireson, GBR 3261, Prowler

4th Martin Fear, GBR3323, Bladerider

5th James Phare, GBR3347, Bladerider

6th Geoff Carveth, GBR3445, Bladerider

7th George Hand, GBR793, RS600FF

We had a great days racing in glorious sunshine and the event raised

over £3000 for Asthma research. There are some good pictures on

Chunkypics –

Dont forget the Tiger Trophy this weekend at Rutland!

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