Moths rule the Bloody Mary

Jason Belben - Photo © Sarah Rollinson
Jason Belben – Photo © Sarah Rollinson

Event 3 of the International Moth winter series proved to be another Moth fest at the multi class Bloody Mary pursuit race. This long established event is the pinnacle of the winter jamborees and this year attracted over 300 entires. The mild weather continues to bless and with a moderate to fresh forecast proved irresistible for 18 moths making the class one of the biggest groups.

Starting 80 minutes after the Toppers the Mothies had a bit on to un lap themselves before getting down to reeling them all in just over an hour.

Jason Belben made the early running followed by Mike Lennon and Ricky Tagg. This was the case until lap 2 when Belben missed a mark. He rounded the mark after his detour but by then Lennon had opened up a 50 yard lead. Belben and Tagg were now scrapping for second and trying to reel Lennon in. Tagg’s’ outhaul broke which over time made his sail deeper and deeper taking the edge off his boat speed. This released Belben to concentrate on getting back on terms with Lennon.

In the mean time the Moth leading group was slicing through the water pushers passing the leading Merlins and 14s with around 10 minutes to go. By this time Belben had cut into Lennon’s lead and heading into the last minutes the Moths passed the leading Fireball and were now battling for overall Honours. Lennon had the edge on Belben rounding the last mark but sailed to far off the rhumb line as the time was up letting Belben sneak over the moving finish ahead. Lennon had to sharply bear off so as not to miss the finish line.

Tagg held onto to get 3rd overall and Pete Barton followed to take forth – the same top four lock out as the previous Hayling event but in a different order.

The Moths took the first 4 places overall in this prestigious event and won many admiring glances – surly gaining more converts to this already fast growing class.

With the World championship at Hayling in 2014 there has never been a better time to be Moth sailor !!

Next up Northampton on the 28th Jan.

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