Belmont Worlds – Last call for shipping

I have received all indicative quotes back bar one. It looks like the door to door service will cost around £1,350 per boat.

Please note the following:

  • The prices may increase slightly for the actual final quote as the “winter schedules” are not yet published and need to take into account that we are going at prime time for Australia and Christmas shipping!
  • I have used a rubbish Australian dollar rate (1.65 AUD = 1GBP) but this could change
  • Insurance for the boat needs to be added – this varies between shippers but is around £70 for the round trip and based on  a value of £10,000 per boat
  • Estimate that boat will be picked up during w/c 13th December for delivery pre Christmas (around 22nd December)

I have used a single pick up and return point. All boats will need to go to a single location, currently specified as either Hayling or QMSC. Looking at the demographics it is most likely to be Hayling.

I have 6 confirmed people; Katherine Knight, Mike Lennon, Ben Paton, James Phare, Jason Russell & Graham Simmonds.

Simon Hiscocks is yet to decide and Pete Barton wants a one way.

If you are not on the list above and are interested in going, now you know some more costs – PLEASE Contact Ricky ASAP (ricktagg at yahoo dot co dot uk) so you can be included and we can get a better deal for all.

I strongly urge you all to avoid wood crates for your boats. Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services (AQIS)  are very likely to look closely at shipments with wood cases rather than GRP which could slow down clearance/delay delivery and mean that your box is unpacked and inspected more thoroughly with no guarantee as to how it is packed again!

All in all this does not seem to be too bad (Dubai trip door to door was around £630 before insurance). Whilst we hope to be able to squeeze them on their prices when we get to the final placing of contract there is no guarantee – we will do our best.

Please can you let Ricky know when you plan to be at Belmont and will need your boat as this will determine when they have to go? Please send me a mail with your planned arrival date in BELMONT (i.e. you want the boat available).

Hope this helps you with your budget and planning and look forward to hearing from you re your arrival dates.

All the best

Ricky Tagg

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