Ninja Moulds Available

The moulds for the UK 2009 nationals winning Aardvark Ninja are available for rent. Webmaster Philippe has finished using them to make his new boat and they are now available for another homebuilder to use.

There is a fee per boat of £250 which includes the royalty fee to the designer, Kevin Ellway and a £50 donation to the class association. The moulds include the hull, rear deck and foredeck moulding.

For more information, please contact Mike Cooke at Aardvark Technologies

2 thoughts on “Ninja Moulds Available

  1. Hello can you tell me what you will charge me to rent your moulds, and does it also include laminaat schedule etc.

    Best regards,

    Marcel van eck

  2. Hello Mike ,

    We spoke on the phone about the moulds is zender you my detials but didnt get reply.
    Did you not received my email .

    Best regards,

    Marcel van Eck

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