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Moth Worlds 2014 Home Builders Cup

Moth Worlds 2014 Home Builders Cup

As a development class, the Moth has always attracted a small band of dedicated enthusiasts willing to put their time and effort into building their own boats. For these guys, there's a special feeling they get when their boat starts to foil, that no production boat sailor will ever...

Ninja Moulds Available

Ninja Moulds Available

The moulds for the UK 2009 nationals winning Aardvark Ninja are available for rent. Webmaster Philippe has finished using them to make his new boat and they are now available for another homebuilder to use. There is a fee per boat of £250 which includes the royalty fee to the designer...

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  1. Jonb November 26, 2012

    Hi guys, can anyone give me some advice on the carbon layup for some wing bars?


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