Weybiza 2015 GP Finale Oct 3/4

A local Weybiza mothie
A local Weybiza mothie

The Moth GP on 3rd/4th October, hosted by Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, will be the finale for the GP series for the calendar year and marks the halfway point in the GP series for 2015/16. Portland Harbour is the “spiritual home” of the Moths with many innovations trialled there and is a favourite location of the class. It offers great sailing with flat water so all can enjoy racing there and few concerns of falling down great holes in the water. This is probably why the Olympics were put there as they and the America’s Cup seem to always copy what we do (just not as well).

If you are new to the class, we cannot recommend enough that you come to this event. You get to meet a friendly group of like minded people who just want to sail fast and not push water around all day. It should be well supported and is an ideal opportunity to meet and talk to other Moth sailors and in the true spirit of the class, they will be willing to look over your boat and give you hints and tips to make sailing it easier and enjoy it more. It really is the case that you will learn more attending 1 open meeting with fellow sailors than 3 months on your own. There will be great sailing and friendly rivalry across the whole fleet so even if you are nervous and unsure about being ready – just do it. Everybody is nervous first time and this is an ideal venue to dip your toe in the water -you will not regret it.

Typical Weybiza conditions
Typical Weybiza conditions

With an evening meal laid on at the club it is also an opportunity to enjoy and share the highs and misfortunes of the day over the beverage (or two) of your choice before retiring feeling tired while still trying to suppress that grin put there by a great day’s sailing on an awesome boat.
Basic information:

· 3 Races per day

· Registration/entry: 09:00 – 10:30

· Briefing: 10:30 in Spinnakers (large restaurant and Bar on 1st Floor)

· NoR

The Moths will not be the only speed freaks in Portland as Weymouth Speed Week is also on during this period. So there could be some wild and wacky things to see and some ideas to steal or “refine” as well. As a result of this, a 2 course evening hot buffet is available at the club at a cost of £8.50. Please obtain tickets at registration/entry.

The final point I would make is: Windguru is a forecast, is very often bollocks and should be ignored. Anyone who runs their life based on this is an IDIOT. “Weybiza” defies most forecasting models and its harbour tends to mean that you will sail and can sail safely in much higher breezes. If it is too light then you can participate in the other Moth favourites: talking bollocks in the boat park, drinking tea/coffee and checking out the new toys and gizmos.

We look forward to seeing you all at WPNSA.

An extra prize will be awarded if you can determine whether this article was written by: a pro, a weekend warrior, a mid-lifer, a semi, a wannabe or a die hard mothie!