2010 UK Nationals Entry List

Pic – 2009 and current UK National Champion Mike Cooke

Here is the pre-entries list (in no particular order) for the UK Nationals so far ie. the people who have replied via email that will be coming:

Alex Adams GBR 4082
Phil Oligario   GBR 3764
Jonnie Hutchcroft   GBR 3376
Mike Cooke   GBR 3760
James Phare
Leo Carswell   GBR 3078
Tom Altmann   GBR 3080
Doug Pybus GBR 3614
Graham Simmonds
Martin Fear GBR 3323
Sam Tozer
Simon Payne GBR  ……….1
Andrew Friend
Jonathan Peats GBR3730
Jason Russell GBR 3715
Mike Lennon GBR 8
Tom Offer
Ricky Tagg GBR 3594
Richard Lovering
Arnaud  Psarofaghis
Peter Barton GBR 3758
Giovanni Galeotti BEL 3388
Jamie Hare GBR 3495
Daniel Hare GBR  3511

If you haven’t pre entered, send an email to confirm that you will be coming!

See you all there…

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