Europeans Countdown

We are just over two weeks away from the European Championships and it seems more like a World Championships with nearly 80 boats registered.

It also seems like a record for team GB with 17 boats making an appearance. This promises to be the biggest International Moth Europeans to date with pretty much all of the worlds top sailors attending.

Team GB consists of:

May Adam GBR 10 Mach 2
Cooke Mike GBR 3760 Ninja
Vidal Olivier GBR 3620 Ninja
Phare James GBR 3713 Mach 2
Imrie Dougie GBR 3335 Bladerider
Peats Jonathan GBR 3730 Mach 2
Payne Simon GBR 1 Mach 2
Oligario Philippe GBR 3764 Ninja
Hutch Jonnie GBR 3376 Velociraptor
Pybus Doug GBR 3614 Ninja
Knight Katherine GBR 3021 Home built
Penfold Tim GBR 3607 Mach 2
Paton Ben GBR Ninja
Harris Rod GBR3467 Fastacraft
Belben Jason GBR Ninja
Barton Peter GBR 3758 Ninja
Fear Martin GBR 3323 Bladerider

Interestingly, there are 5 Mach 2’s, 6 Ninjas, 2 Bladeriders, 1 Fastacraft,  1 Velociraptor and 2 homebuilds so despite recent thoughts it seems there is a nice mix of designs in the team.

In terms of any kind of form guide, I’m not knowledgeable enough to know the subtle intricacies of what will make a winner in this class so I’ll leave that to the experts. Suffice to say that by sheer numbers alone, team GB should do ok. Whatever happens it looks to be an unprecedented European event and racing should be pretty tight across the fleet. The start line will be interesting with so many foilers which is possibly a sign of things to come.

Notable absentees from the team are Mike Lennon our new UK class president, Ricky Tagg, Jason Russell, Graham Simmonds, Tom Offer and Sam Tozer (who is currently lying 3rd in the RS200 European Championships) amongst others.

Best of luck to everyone and I’m sure with Twitter and the TracTrac system they are planning on using throughout the event, everyone will be kept up to date on progress as it unfolds.

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