So much of the moth class history had gone missing. Few people appreciated the interest there would be in old yearbooks, photos, design drawings and articles. But it seems Mothies are horders and since we posted this section, over 200 photos and scans have been sent in.

This section features yearbooks, brochures, posters etc. And the ‘archive photos’ pages have period photos.

Pleeeze, if you have old moth material in your attic, garage or rabbit hutch, send it to adam for preservation. If you want it back he will scan and return. If you have digital copies or information about the photos, send it straight to me for postinghere. Special thanks to Mike Iszatt for cleaning out his closet and saving some great material.

So many people have generously contributed to our archive. Thanks to you all. These are the people I can remember – please let me know who I have omitted:

Tony Hibbert, Ian Tate, Clive Everest, Simon Bean, Ian Ridge, Chris Eyre, John Nixon, Seb Kuhlmann, Mike Izatt, Dave Izatt, Paul Mackness, Mike Ewart, Tom Dunderdale, Frank Butterworth, Mervyn Cook, Sean Cox, John McAteer, David Barnes

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