2014 Video Profiles

Nathan Outteridge

2014 International Moth World Champion

Annalise Murphy

2014 International Moth Ladies World Champion

Chris Rashley

2014 International Moth European Champion

Mike Lennon

2014 International Moth UK National Champion

Chris Draper

Luna Rosa America’s Cup Helm

Paul Goodison

2008 Beijing Olympics Laser Class Gold Medallist

Scott Babbage

International Moth Legend

Josh McKnight

2012 International Moth World Champion

Robert Greenhalgh

2013 International Moth UK National Champion

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Foiling History

The foiling revolution which revived the class has been most visible this century but the innovators of Moth history included several foiling ventures long before... 1974 Frank Raison The first foiling moth we know of was Frank Raison's wooden scow in 1974. The photos are poor but I have...


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