The Sailors

The Moth fleet has a reputation for being one of the most friendly and open fleets that you can sail with. The camaraderie amongst mothies is simply superb.

As the ultimate single-handed dinghy, the Moth tends to attract the best sailors. So the Moth fleet contains far more than it’s fair share of Olympic, World, European and National Champions.

However, The class is delighted to welcome any sailor brave enough to stick his or her ego on the line and give it a go.

The Moth is an unstable, complicated boat with a lot of new controls to get your mind around. We’ve all been up that learning curve and everybody in the class from the World, European and National Champions down will only too happy to help you climb it.

To my mind the attitude of a Moth sailor is best summed up by an exchange between one of Richards friends and the two of us on the day that I bought his boat:
Richards friend: “You’ve got to be mad to want to sail one of those!”
Us together: “You’ve got to be mad not to want to sail one!”

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