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Maguire Boats

MaguireBoatsLogo The Maguire Exocet is a relative newcomer to the UK Moth scene, but it has managed to achieve great success in a very short time. Both the reigning European and UK National Champions sail Maguire Exocets and the Exocet has dominated the UK results in 2013.
Unfortunately, all of this success means that Simon’s order book is so full that the next available build slot is now in 2015!

Aardvark Racing

rocket-logo-278x300 Aardvark have been building Moths considerably longer than Maguire, achieving great success with their Ninja design (European and UK National Champions in 2011). Aardvark MD Mike Cooke is a skilled and experienced Moth sailor. He’s won the UK National Championships and broken the UK speed record 28.8 Knots sailing Aardvark Moths.

Rocket is a new design, based around the forward geometry Ninja built for Giovanni Galeotti in the winter of 2011. The concept is pretty simple, Wand, Mast and Mainfoil forward, more foil spacing, more stability, less drag.

After extensive testing over the 2012 season we decided to really make it work it would need more volume up front to help with take-off, combined with a Vā€™d bow to help you out when you start hitting the waves.

Mach 2

mach2 img-logov2The McDougall McConaghy Mach 2 is so ubiquitous that when you say Moth to some, they think you mean Mach 2!

It’s not surprising really. The Mach 2 is mass produced and has been so successful in the World Championships and many other competitions that, to many coming into the class, buying a Mach 2 seems the logical choice.

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